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  1. james balogun
    james balogun
  2. Henry Momor
  3. Mrs Ibhafidon
    Mrs Ibhafidon
    Paid immediately i was merged,suffered cos the money was split into 5ways n different banks. Traveled n needed d cash but received a shocker
  4. Mrs Ibhafidon
    Mrs Ibhafidon
    Mine is the same with Asim.
  5. Asim
    Seriously I don't think I will want to try these again, my December money I ve not collected it yet and my guider convinced me that d system
  6. honorable
    june/july mavro, its really holding the community down, if need be let d growth,referral n bonuses b deleted and capital be paid bit by bit
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    2. Mrs Ibhafidon
      Mrs Ibhafidon
      Good day.
      my brother, its really annoying.
      Oct 4, 2017
  7. BigS
    I have responded to both last message. let us know if the response and the explanation is okay for you.
  8. Asim
    I don tire myself, it's really not interesting anymore. When I was merge I Immediately paid but now nko I can't get my money. Really sad
    1. BigS
      When did you Create your PH order? Also note that PH order from June to Aug 5th are still frozen but the recent meeting update from Andrew explained that the Programmers will move the date backward to release more Mavro. Note that we all have to work very hard to make sure they move more by bringing more participants.
      Sep 5, 2017
  9. Fapohunda Olusegun
    Fapohunda Olusegun
    What's mmm doing about this unusual delays, people are really loosing interests. The new model should have been introduce in steps not full
  10. Dada J.O
    Dada J.O
    please any help
  11. Dada J.O
    Dada J.O
    Good day to all. Please i need an explanation on moratorium, i dont understand it
    1. BigS
      Do you have Moratorium issue. If yes, tell me what is the issue and we will advise accordingly. Moratorium is a measure put in place in MMM in order to avoid hackers GHing your money and also if you commit any offense. it is just an act to refuse access to your money when there is a suspicious operation in an account.
      Sep 5, 2017
  12. Willo
    What is wrong with mmm
  13. Chidex
    Mmm have come to stay,together we can change the world
  14. Iyke
    This new model should be looked into because pple put back money after they have cashed out what they have in the system. JUSTSAYING
  15. BigS
    Dispatcher resumed in Nigeria. It will start Gradually from smalll=er amount to Big amount. Please be Patient if you are not matched now.
  16. Alexbaba
    Why GH are longtime to March now
  17. Young
    participant with real factor
  18. BigS
    the dispatcher will resume. Just be patience for the Programmers to complete their update and we will never go on break again. #MMMPays
    1. Dey
      Please, Mr/Mrs. ADMIN, always be definite and concise when you are passing information. Stop telling us to be patience, its the same old story you've been saying for long time now. When are you guys going to start matching participant?
      Aug 3, 2017
  19. BigS
    Dispatcher was stopped on 28th Jul 2017 due to the new Implementation. Check ur PO or ask your Guider to explain about the update. soon
    1. Dey
      Its not every participant that have Guider and I don't think Guider is necessary in MMM. Please always post Important information to every participant PO before any implementation of any sort. Guider tends to take advantage of information given to them before ordinary participant thereby, causing panicking in the system.
      Aug 3, 2017
  20. BigS
    You can also ask your Guider for More information. They should be through soon