MMM Nigeria Launches Promo-Task Contest

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    MMM Nigeria Launches Promo-Task Contest

    MMM Nigeria launches the first Promo-Tasks Contest. A relevant section has been created for the contest in the Personal Office (PO). The first contest starts today, on Monday, July 31, and ends on Sunday, August 6.

    What is the contest procedure? Now the Community members get points for completing promo-tasks: from one point (for an easy task) to multiple points (for complex tasks). The number of points received can be seen in the ‘Promo-Tasks’ section in PO. Points are awarded to you immediately after the task is approved by the moderator. If the moderator rejects a task, they will usually add a comment that you should take into consideration when you are going to submit the task for the second time.


    The “Contest” section contains a description of the contest and a list of winners. Winners are selected based on the number of points received for completing promo-tasks. Whoever receives the biggest number of points becomes the winner. The contest period is from Monday to Sunday. At the end of each week, winners are announced and awarded Mavros available for output.

    In the first contest, there are 50 prizes:

    • 1st place: 500,000 naira
    • 2nd place: 300,000 naira
    • 3rd place: 200,000 naira
    • For 4th – 10th places: 100,000 naira to every winner
    • For 11th – 30th places: 50,000 naira to every winner
    • For 31th – 50th places: 30,000 naira to every winner
    Please remember that promo-tasks have a high importance of their own: you promote the Community and thus contribute to its growth; you also invite new people and register them as your referrals. You can complete both online and offline tasks. The promo-task contest is a serious tool aimed at Community growth. We will continuously adjust and refine it.

    Join the contest, become a winner and help the Community grow!

    By our efforts, MMM Nigeria will overcome!

    We are changing the world!

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