What is Mavros

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    Each country has its own currency. Monetary unit is the key component of the monetary system of the state. For example, in the USA it is dollar, in China it is yuan, in Nigeria it is Naira.

    MMM also has its own internal currency called Mavro.

    Mavro is a conditional unit that determines the amount of help transferred to other MMM participants.

    For example, in case participant provides help of 10 000 Naira s/he will get 10 000 Mavros. The quantity of Mavros in the participant’s office determines the maximum amount of financial help s/he can apply for.

    For example, the participant who has 10 000 Mavros can get 10 000 Naira. The number of growing Mavros and increasing help amount can be found in the section Mavros in your personal office.

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